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  • Welcome to Merry Go Learn

    Gift your child a world-class learning experience to succeed in the modern world
    • Qualified Teachers

      We have highly qualified teachers who are passionate about guiding your children in nurturing their talents.

    • Experiential Learning

      We follow an experiential and hands-on learning based approach to cover the most difficult maths and science concepts in a better way.

    • Personality Development

      We constantly organize presentations, events and group discussions creating a platform for your child’s Personality Development.

    • Learning with Fun

      We create an environment where your child can learn various concepts while having fun.

  • A must for Parents who want to kindle the love for Science and Maths in their Children.

    • Structured Curriculum

      Curriculum inspired by research from Harvard and Standford Universities and Designed by IIT Alumni.

    • Deep Engagement

      Hands-On activity based approach allows deep engagement in learning.

    • Communication skills

      We encourage children to articulate concepts and hone communication skills.

    • External Exposure

      Children get external exposure through participation in events.

    • Trained Facilitators

      Excellent trained facilitators pay individual attention to your child.

    Merry Go Learn aims to instill Curiosity and the rest follows

    • Strong Concepts

      Students develop strong concepts in maths and science and seek to solve real world problems.

    • Confidence

      Students are able to express their thoughts freely and build confidence through regular repeated successes.

    • Communication Skills

      Students hone their verbal and written english communication skills through several presentations, discussions and creative writing projects.

    • External Recognition

      Students discover themselves through active participation in external events and gain multi-dimensional exposure.

    • Social Responsibility

      Students build strong personal, social and moral values critical for sustained, long-term success.

  • We focus on four pillars that are at the core of an effective education.

    • Concepts

      We cover the most difficult maths and  science concepts in the curriculum through carefully designed modules that provide learning by doing experiments and designing projects, along with related problem solving

    • Knowledge

      Students discover their interest in world around them through interesting modules covering topics from history, geography and current affairs.

    • Communication Skills

      Students get opportunities to build and refine their verbal and written English communication skills through several presentations, discussions and creative writing projects.

    • Self Awareness

      This module helps the child discover his/her personality, talent and skills and build values such as being social, civic and responsible citizens.

  • Our Programs

    Based on duration we offer two dedicated programs
  • Year Long Programs

  • Merry Go Learn year long programs are fun, hands-on, activity based approach to strengthening core concepts for students in Grades LKG to VII.

  • We believe that traditional education must be supplemented with “learning by doing” for education to be truly effective. Thus, we are highly application-oriented: our well-qualified facilitators introduce and guide the students through interesting real-life problems and challenges related to the topic being taught. Such challenges, which are often time-bound and competitive, make it fun and exciting for the students.

    • Tiny Wonders
      LKG and UKG
      • 10 Months
      • Twice a week
    • Imaginators
      Class I
      • 10 Months
      • Twice a week
    • Foundation For Success - Junior
      Class II and Class III
      • 10 Months
      • Twice a week
    • Foundation For Success
      Class IV and Class V
      • 10 Months
      • Twice a week
    • Smartans
      Class VI and Class VII
      • 10 Months
      • Twice a week
  • Short Term Programs

    • Olympiad Program
      Class IV, V, VI and VII
      • 16 weeks
      • Once a week
    • Communication Program
      9-13 years
      • 20 weeks
      • Once a week
      • 9900528293 / 9945281083
        Call us to enrol
    • Summer Camp
      Class LKG to Class VII (Age 4-8 and 9-13)
      • 2 Months
      • April and May
    • Dussehra Camp
      Class UKG to Class VII (Age 5-8 and 9-13)
      • 1 Month
      • September
    • Winter Camp
      Class LKG to Class VII (Age 4-8 and 9-13)
      • 1 Month
      • December
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  • Meet Our Staff

    With education and experience in training children
  • We are MerryGoLearn, truly passionate about our mission in providing a fun way to a bright future for each child.

  • A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry in educating children. The best formula for producing great kids!

    • Komal Arora
      Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

      Komal is the problem solver and thrives on shaping ideas into reality. She is passionate about unlocking the hidden potential in students to help them achieve long term success. Her dream of revolutionising education led her to start Merry go Learn. Prior to Merry go Learn, she worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Co. specialising in the areas of strategy, business processes and operations. Komal is a graduate from IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta.

    • Preeti Rani
      Co-Founder and Vice President, Marketing

      Preeti is a real people person and excellent at managing relationships. Preeti leads Merry Go Learn’s efforts to enable children achieve transformative growth through engaging hands-on learning experiences as the Co-founder and Head of Marketing. Prior to Merry Go Learn, Preeti has worked in technology, consulting and education. She has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

    • Usha Krishnamurthy
      Vice President, Operations

      Usha is a lively and ecstatic person! Her love for children and innovative learning makes her perfect for adding the bright side to our hub. With over 7 years of experience in Education sector, Usha plays an important role, including managing operations, parent support and helps with facilities utilization across the programs for students. Prior to Merry Go Learn, Usha was the Centre Manager at a kids activity center Myndea and earlier to that, taught at Little Angels School Delhi. She has an MBA and has a diploma in Children’s Studies.

    • Sharmila Sur
      Manager, Content and Delivery

      Hailing from a family of academicians and being involved in teaching students from a very young age, Sharmila is natural at striking the right balance in the classroom. You could see her being one among the students as they solve problems together, and at other times, playing the role of a mentor and motivator for her students. At Merry go Learn, Sharmila is a content expert and a star facilitator who sure knows how to win hearts of her students. Sharmila graduated with a Bsc. in Biotechnology,Genetics and Biochemistry from Garden City College, Bangalore.

    • Radhika K
      Assistant Manager, Content and Delivery

      Radhika is an epitome of patience and constantly infuses calmness in any situation. Inspired by her love for maths, Radhika is passionate about making maths easy for her students. At Merry go Learn, Radhika develops exciting content and facilitates hands-on learning in her classroom. She has completed MSc in Advanced Mathematics at Christ University, Bangalore and graduation in Statistics, mathematics and physics.

    • Tamoghni
      Assistant Manager, Content and Delivery
      A confident orator and an expert communicator, Tamoghni has a passion for teaching. Experience in the same field for more than 6 years makes her adept at handling kids from different age groups. At Merry go Learn, Tamoghni develops content and facilitates hands-on learning in her classroom. She has a deep understanding of different teaching techniques and hails from Mathematics background.
    • All the teachers are very dedicated here and explain every concept in great detail.

      Hemangi Mulay
    • It is good to see the polite teachers at MGL smiling all the time. Its my short visit to the MGL centre on Mothers Day and I felt happy being there and happier that my child enjoys herself too. My child goes for the communication class and she thoroughly enjoys herself.

      Manjushree Nanda
    • Merry Go Learn try to make the kids express their understanding ensuring that they have understood the concepts thoroughly. The content is great. My kid enjoys the classes a lot, now he likes studying, and is always excited to go to class and looks forward to it all well.

      Shyamala, Hemant's Mother
    • Merry Go Learn really helped to nurture my son’s curiosity and improved his communication a great deal. Now he is very eager not to miss even a single class. Well Done MGL, Keep it up

      Arvind, Srivardhan’s Father
    • The staff and teachers are dedicated and punctual, most importantly very involved and know how to engage a child, tailor the class to the learning capabilities of the children. Overall it has been a great experience.

      Divya, Ananth's Mother
    • MGL winter camp helped my kids to improve their knowledge on science concepts in a big way. They understood the complex concepts with simple experiments by creating working models. Kids enjoyed the innovative teaching methodology and looking for the next session to explore more on science.

      Reddi Babu
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